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It's Not Too Late to Influence Congress on Tax Reform

This is a critical week for tax reform We have a chance to influence this legislation, but our voice needs to be louder. Take Action today! 

Differences in the House and Senate bills, on the mortgage interest deduction and the capital gains plan, have created this opportunity and NAR is aggressively seeking the retention of current law on both provisions with this new Call for Action. 

This, right here right now, is our moment. Let's Own It!

The new CFA calls on Congress to:

  • MID: Retain the current law on mortgage interest deductibility, contained in the Senate bill, which keeps the $1 million loan cap and the allowance for second homes. 
  • Capital Gains: Retain the current rules for capital gains exclusion on the sale of a home, which requires a holding period of two years out of the last five and has no income limits on the amount that is exempt.
  • State and Local Tax Deductibility: The limitation of deductibility to property taxes should be expanded to include state and local income taxes and the cap should be increased and indexed to inflation

    Don't waste another minute. Take action today so we can affect change for our industry for generations to come. 

    Help make this a WIN for homeowners across the country.

    Tuesday, December 12, 2017/Categories: News Releases