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Reminder on Mahomet Sign Ordinance

The following message is from Ken Buchanan, Code Enforcement Officer, Village of Mahomet.  Please be careful to follow  the sign ordinance when placing your real estate signs.

 RE: Realtor Signage.

I am Ken Buchanan the new Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector for the Village of Mahomet.  I am pleased to see housing sales picking up by the evidence of all of the signs around town. However, Mahomet does have a sign ordinance and many of these signs are not in compliance with the location requirements. Generally speaking, real estate sales signs, listing or directional, cannot be placed on public property. The public property you may not think about is what is known as right-of-way (ROW) and it includes more land than just the street.

In neighborhoods with sidewalks it is easy to identify the public right of way (ROW). From the edge of the sidewalk near the house, go into the yard by 12 inches. This is the end of the public ROW and the beginning of private property. Sales signs can be place on the private property side of the side walk. On corner lots, signs may be placed on the private property in the Visibility Triangle, (marked on the attached by a shaded area) but must not be taller than 24 inches.

Generally speaking, signs cannot be placed off-site of the property they are identifying. However, we know that people need some guidance on where to turn and “Open House” and other directional signs can be placed temporarily at intersections either inside the subdivision or at the main entrance to the subdivision.  All open house signs need to be removed prior to Monday morning.  All Signage must be removed within 7 days of the sale or rental. 

In areas without sidewalks, other landmarks will have to be used to identify where the ROW is. If the driveway is concrete or has a concrete approach and asphalt drive use the first expansion joint closest to the house.  If all of the drives in the area are rocked or curb and side walk do not exist, there should be a ditch or “swale” close to the road with culverts for storm drainage.  The culvert is usually in the ROW.  Setting your sign 5’-10’ inside the property from the middle of the swale will be sufficient to meet the ordinance requirement. 

In summary, signs Cannot be placed between the sidewalk and the street or under a traffic control devices.  Place open house directional signs sufficiently back from the intersection and on private property to avoid interfering with the visibility triangle.

Thank you for your cooperation with this sales season.

Ken Buchanan

Code Enforcement Officer

Village of Mahomet

Office 217-586-4456 ext. 14

Tuesday, August 26, 2014/Categories: News Releases